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GoneGreens LLC was launched in 2012; the company is an extension of the culinary vision, created from the owner’s first and well received cookbook - The Worlds Gone Collard Greens.

The company has ventured into developing innovative methods for the home cooks, specialty stores, restaurants, and caterers to experience collard greens on a totally different level; collard greens are an everyday love affair.

Gone Greens, LLC is motivated to transform the collard green into a daily cooking staple, comparable to broccoli, spinach and lettuce.

Presently, the company offers collard green based condiments, which are made fresh daily and are branded as FlaVor BleNds.

Our Pesto, Chutney, Chili Paste and Pico de Gallo Flavor Blends are great multicultural condiments that are wonderful addition to the American meal experience.

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The owner of GoneGreens developed and published The Worlds Gone Collard Greens cookbook to explore of the diversity of collard greens.

The cookbook was created to inspire, not only fellow collard green lovers, but for others, some who are perhaps new to the world of collard greens.

The concept of the company evolved after friends and family continued to request the dishes that were transformed by the use of collard greens.

We knew that there was something special about our recipes.

Our wish is for all families and friends to delight in idea of having our gorgeous fresh collard greens base Flavor Blends in their homes and at their fingertips ready to be used to make healthy homemade dishes.

Spicy Collard Tomato Gazpacho



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